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      Yatai Electrochemistry

      Product quality inspector
      Nature of work: full-time job Location: Hebei Hengshui
      Gender : Open Foreign Language: English / Good
      Job Description Requirements:
      Related Undergraduate an inorganic chemistry , chemical technology and higher education , etc. ;
      2 familiar with domestic and inorganic salts, electrochemical production process technology and techniques ;
      3 comply with the company's business secrets, is responsible for the work of professionalism ;
      4 serious and responsible , meticulous, strong sense of responsibility ; good at learning, team spirit , good traditional cultural morality ;
      5 strong learning ability , excellent overall quality honest, self motivated , meticulous and careful .
      Salary: Negotiable ( not including company subsidies )

      Contact us

      Add: Wangjiajing Industrial Park, Shenzhen, Hebei, China
      Domestic Trade: +86-318-3465318/3401888
      E-mail:hsszyt@188.com, hbsytnm@188.com, yataisales@188.com



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